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A web hosting company provides space on a their server (computer) for your website to sit and your domain points to their server. Simple.

If you’re wanting to create a website for your business, you will need to organise “hosting” for your website.

Andrew Broad through Net Logistics handles all my hosting requirements for $16 per month based on 400 megabyte hard drive space. Multiple servers are in Sydney, Melbourne & Singapore providing a High Speed connection due to Telstra’s fibre optic lengths.

If changes are required to your site or email, you just have one person to contact. With daily backups to his Perth server and Andrew’s understanding of how the system works, I am completely confident that you have the best caretaker for your site possible.


If you want emails associated with your website, you will need to decide what format your emails will take. Andrew can create a standard POP3 email account, an email forwarder (which creates an email alias that sends any emails from that address to an email address of your choice, saving you having to check multiple email accounts) or an Office 365 account which is brilliant for businesses of all sizes.

Andrew offers unlimited POP3 emails or forwarders. Please note that POP3 emails use the same hard drive space as your emails so the amount of emails and space used may require more space and therefore a higher cost per month.

already have hosting?

Although I would recommend you transferring your domain and hosting to Andrew to look after in order to avoid future issues, if you absolutely have to stay with your existing domain and hosting provider, I will need to know the FTP details so that I can create your site and place it online.

Make sure you include the phone number of the company you have hosted with, just in case I need to contact them with any further questions or need them to do updates on your behalf.

For example:

  • ftp:
  • username: mibusiness
  • password: 3iq3kknl3
  • host directory: /www/
  • hosted by: Westnet 1300 786 068
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