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It’s not rocket science…your website has the largest reach worldwide so get it out there and be found. Websites work for you 24/7…they don’t sleep. Watch as your responsive website “folds up” to be easily readable on different devices, click to call on your mobile website, read all about the latest products & innovations, search sites and buy products with the click of a button…the possibilities are endless.

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Websites have come a long way. When websites were in their infancy I was designing and coding websites using clunky html code with impossibly small graphical requirements and no way for clients to update the site themselves, having to wait for their developer to update it on their behalf. Then came the dawn of Content Management Systems that cost a small fortune to build and were hideous to work with both for the developer and the client. Oh how things have changed.

At last there’s a solution that thinks not only of the designer, but the end user.

Responsive websites resize their content and layout to fit the screen size of your phone, tablet or computer screen. No more zooming in to read text or squinting at miniature graphics on your phone!

Easy to use WordPress template designs allow me to adjust and change the look and feel of the site with ease, adding in video components, forms, testimonials, animations and so much more with the click of a button and a bare minimum of coding.

My clients have the ability to access their website’s administration panel from any computer with a username and password in order to add their own pages, adjust content, write a blog. I’ll show you how easy your WordPress administration panel is to use…and they don’t cost sheep stations to create.

Of course WordPress isn’t the only solution out there and sometimes isn’t suitable for your needs. Occasionally clients need something a little more complex to get the job done right. That’s were I bring in Clip Magic or PureSec ICT to weave their magic, leaving me to design the look and feel for them to follow, so you still get the Frank touch!

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do you need a mentor?

Once your website has gone live, get your business noticed using social media to drive business to your site. But…if the thought of dealing with Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram & Twitter leaves you cold or you just can’t find the time, let us help you.

Michele Nash and Heather Frank have joined forces to become Social Media Mentors. With monthly packages to suit your budget, we guide, improve and simply interactions between you and your social media customers!

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