designing the new "you"

Is your current business identity working for you or is your digital and graphical presence starting to look a little dated? Or have you just begun a new business venture and need to kick off with a brand new look to your business?

If you have an existing business, you may be looking for a little ‘tweaking’, and require a new image but would like to retain some of your former elements such as colour scheme and elements from your logo or existing design. I can work with you to modernise your logo while retaining the ‘good’ parts of your design that work to enable continued brand recognition.

Alternatively, you may be looking for a completely new look to match in with your new products or are in dire need of a facelift because the old look just isn’t cutting it.

Design styles come and go, but the basics remain the same. Clear message, well-spaced, clean and easy to read text, memorable imagery and sayings and a strong product presence.

Remember all your graphical and digital elements are an integral part your company’s marketing plan. What overall message are you sending out, and have you hit the mark? Are the photos you use and the marketing direction you have taken through words and pictures hitting the right market and standing out from your competitors? If not, you need to step up and change what you’re doing to get yourself noticed.


what do you NEED

There are so many graphical items that can make up a business’s marketing suite. You need to work out which items are going to work best for your business to produce the results you want.

You’ll need to start off with the unique logo & corporate identity, followed by your stationery: a businesscard and a letterhead which can be used for multiple purposes such as letters, invoices and receipts.  Do you have a car or van that is used specifically for work purposes? Stickers for your car with your logo and contact number, billboard style artwork on your trucks, or full car wraps are a great way to create free mobile advertising for yourself.

If you have a physical product to sell versus a service, you’ll need effective and memorable product packaging.

These days a responsive website that works on phones, ipads, laptops and computers, combined with a strong social media presence is a must. Most people research products and companies on the website these days before making the decision to contact you directly. Let me create a website for your business that sells your product or services to your prospective clients while you sleep! Start off with a basic responsive WordPress website and continue to add informational pages, blogs, and other details to them in your own time or at a later date once the business is up and running.

Social media works to direct traffic to your website via your business’s Facebook page and personal or business LinkedIn profile. Include social media links, a Facebook feed for news and events, or an Instagram photo gallery to reach an even wider range of customers via these different media platforms.

You may require printed promotional materials: magazine advertising, pull up banners, brochures, catalogues, calendars, and more.

Then there’s digital advertising for external websites, and paid social media ads.

I’ll help you prioritise your graphical and digital requirements to ensure your unique style is carried right across each of these elements.

999 Green Eggs responsive WordPress website, logo, illustration & package design.
Bannister Downs Dairy 2020 product packaging
999 Farms Devil Inside 28 Botanical Gin product concept design

Below is a list of graphical items I have designed for my various clients as part of their graphical marketing needs. Every client has completely different needs depending on their products or services and I’m very happy to discuss various options with you…



New logo design or logo revamp with matching style guide


Businesscards, email signatures, digital or printed letterheads, with compliments slips, invoices, envelopes and more.


DL, A4 or A5 double sided brochures (plus Z or C folded brochures), multi page catalogues of various sizes, marketing plans, booklets, flyers and hand outs for letterbox drops, press advertisements, presentation folders and product sheets, menus, postcards, packaging design, product labels, stickers, posters, magnets, calendars, recipe cards, annual reports, and various print advertisements for magazines or newspapers, just to name a few.


Billboards, shop front, roadside signage, car, van & large truck billboard designs or stickers, flags & pull up banners, indoor and outdoor landscape banners and specialist displays for expos, plus designed & hand painted backdrops for my local theatre company in WA!


Websites, banner advertisements for websites, e-newsletter layouts and Powerpoint presentations.