stand out & be seen

X doesn’t mark the spot when it comes to finding your business. Without the right marketing tools, how is anyone ever going to find out you exist. You need to stand out, be seen and create interest…make your product irresistible. A strategically placed brochure, billboard or advertisement or unique product packaging could be exactly what you need to make people sit up and take notice.

Find out how FRANK design can help you to stand out from the crowd.



be memorable

Mention “graphic design” and a pretty logo and stationery immediately spring to mind, but excellent graphic design is so much more than that…it’s about getting the right look and feel for your business that carries across multiple printed and electronic mediums, targets a specific audience, portrays exactly who you are, and is memorable for all the right reasons. It is the strongest marketing tool you own. Good design speaks for itself.


Imagine this, you walk into a business and are faced with a bored worker, gum slapping around in her mouth as she turns her back on you and continues her loud obviously personal conversation into her mobile phone. Chances are you’ll turn around and walk out the door.

The thing is, bad graphic design and poor logos have the same effect as bad staff choices…you simply don’t look professional and risk losing a customer before they step foot into your business.

A great logo and businesscard is just the tip of the iceberg. You need a consistent look across all your printed and electronic marketing material. You need a brand – a corporate identity that is instantly recognisable, easy to read, invokes your senses, talks to your clients in their language and makes them want to walk in or read more.